The FIREDiaries controllers are the latest functional controllers, featuring a smaller size and significantly improved performance and scalability. It’s integrated with many sensors and many IOT output.

1. Low-cost Wi-Fi Microchip, with built-in TCP/IP and Microcontroller capability
2. Smoke Sensor MQ2
3. ThermoHygro – DHT11/DHT22
4. Buzzer Piezzo

Output :
1. LCD Display 6 x 12 or Custom Output Display
2. Whatsapp messenger and Telegram Messenger integrations (custom)
3. Cloud server logging

4. Android apps :
– High Low Limit Temperature
– High low Limit Humidity
– High low limit Smoke
– WA number setting
– Another device connection(s)
– Standard android security login

– Backup Batteries not included
– Please contact for custom module